Behind the Scenes at the Localist: Meet the Team

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This week, we’re taking you behind the scenes and introducing our team members! Alana, outreach manager, is the newest addition with a passion for plants and a history in retail. Brad, sound engineer from the beginning, is a musician and general local music culture enthusiast. Michelle, show runner from the start, is a book lover and stickler for finding links. And Beka, production assistant, is another incredibly helpful newer addition with a tech background. They all share their favorite episodes and local shops, and why shopping local is important to them. Full show notes at 

Mentioned in this episode:

@AlanaHarmond on Instagram 

Morgan Johnson’s first episode on the Localist Podcast
Morgan Johnston’s second episode on the Localist Podcast

Club Duquette 


Caitlin Hastings of Botanica on the Localist Podcast 

Brad Davis on Instagram


Seasick Records 


Burrito Punx on the Localist Podcast 

Wess Gregg from Sanctum Comics & Tattoos on the Localist Podcast

Michelle Phillips on Instagram

Michelle’s first episode on the Localist Podcast
Michelle’s second episode on the Localist Podcast 

Michelle’s third episode on the Localist Podcast 

O’Henry’s Coffee 

Greenhouse Bham 

Church Street Coffee and Books 

Little Professor 

The Localist’s Christmas Episode 1

The Localist’s Christmas Episode 2

The Localist’s Christmas Episode 3

The Localist’s Christmas Episode 4 

Curtis Bridges on the Localist Podcast

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About Carrie

Carrie Rollwagen is host of the Localist podcast and cofounder of Church Street Coffee & Books. Currently, she works as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Infomedia, a web development company in Birmingham, Alabama. Find the Localist at @thinklocalist on Instagram and follow Carrie at @crollwagen.

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