Growing Fast with Intention

In this episode of The Localist, host Carrie Rollwagen chats with Josh and Mel Cosio, founders of Cala Coffee. They explore the origins and growth of their business, which is fueled by a love for coffee and community. The heart of their mission is to use coffee as a catalyst for bringing people together, with their café serving as a “third place” for the Cahaba Heights community.

Josh and Mel delve into the details of opening two brick-and-mortar locations within a short time, recalling the processes of branding, architecture and interior design and how these elements play into the unique experience they create for customers. They also talk about their coffee cart and how it helped them scale the business, taught them to work on the fly and allowed them to dabble in events. 

Expanding beyond coffee, ventures like the “Gulp” wine program and “Easy Cowboy” brunch spot in Cahaba Heights broadened their offerings. Throughout, they’ve maintained a vibrant social media presence, connecting with the community and sharing their passion for coffee.

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