Can I use images from Google on my website?

Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to get high quality images for your website. If you hire through Infomedia, we’ll schedule a call to discuss what you need and a ballpark range of how many images you’d like, then we’ll nail down scheduling and pricing. We’ll also provide lighting and editing, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

If you’re doing lifestyle shots, it may be a good idea to style the images by setting up desks or workspaces specifically for the photos. That way, the desks will look neat, clean and uncluttered (even if you think they’re super tidy to begin with, it usually won’t look that way in photos).

You can also use your iPhone to take photos as long as you have appropriate lighting — this can be tricky, but natural lighting is usually best. Overhead fluorescent lights and your phone camera’s flash usually don’t work well in this situation. A few more tips? Leave some room above the subject’s head, and don’t get too close to the subject — leave a little room for cropping and editing.

Another way to get good photos is to purchase stock photography from a website like Shutterstock. You can search for just about anything and find what you need, and you’ll be able to pull the watermarked images to test them out before you purchase them. Some images are off limits — if they’re marked “editorial use only,” they can only be used for news reporting, magazines or other editorial purposes.

You can find free images on, but we recommend going this route only if you need something generic. The images are high quality and readily available for download, so if you’re looking for a filler image for a blog post or a generic photo for the header of your website, Unsplash may have just the right one!

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