Communication Is Critical: Aaron Lane of Lane Woodworking on Why It’s Best to Be Honest about Mistakes, Pricing and Expectations

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Aaron Lane of Lane Woodworking, a custom cabinetry and fine furniture company, joins Carrie this week on The Localist. Aaron and Carrie start off by diving into Instagram. Even though Aaron isn’t the “Instagram type,” he recognizes the value in it, and they discuss how Aaron turned social media into a valuable tool and how he has connected with other designers through the app. Aaron takes us back to the beginning and tells us how he got started in woodworking, what made him realize he wanted to pursue woodworking as a career, and how studying marketing in college actually worked in his favor. Aaron and Carrie then dive into business operations: handling mistakes while keeping the customer happy (hint: communication is key!), the hiring process at Lane Woodworking, and how they do things differently from other companies. Aaron tells us how he discusses pricing with clients and how that has evolved through the years, how he manages working on a team with other designers and contractors (again, communication!!), and how important it is to know your own limitations. Aaron and Carrie wrap up with the Airstream Aaron purchased as office space for the team, which turned out to be popular with clients — who wouldn’t want to have a meeting in an Airstream?!

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