Consume with Respect: Nathan Pocus of Domestique Coffee on Global Impact and Community Connection

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If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a coffee shop, or even if you just love coffee, this is the episode for you! Nathan Pocus of Domestique Coffee joins Carrie this week and jumps right in with how Domestique got started. Spending time in Haiti sparked Nathan’s interest in the rich and varied coffees from the region and inspired him to bring it back to Birmingham. Nathan then gives us a brief history lesson on Haiti, defines a few cycling terms (fun fact: peloton is not just an expensive indoor bike), and breaks down the nitro cold brew process. Nathan and Carrie discuss forming business partnerships, especially when global trade is involved, what surprised him about buying globally, and how Domestique tells the stories of the farms and communities the coffee comes from. Nathan describes their shipping container location (yes, you read that right — one of their locations is in a shipping container) and how that came about and gives us a preview of what to expect from Domestique in the near future (spoiler: it’s exciting stuff!). Nathan and Carrie wrap up the conversation with staffing and they both weigh in on what it’s like working with family. 

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