How to Read Books: From Choosing the Right Title to Knowing When to Quit

Carrie is back this week with a solo episode diving into business books! And don’t let that scare you if you’re not a huge book person; Carrie takes that into account and gives practical tips even if you don’t want to sit down and read a book cover to cover! Carrie tells us how to actually find relevant business books, how to vet books, and how not to get swept away by an idea. It can be super helpful to take notes, and Carrie breaks down her system for that. Full show notes at 

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About Carrie

Carrie Rollwagen is host of the Localist podcast and cofounder of Church Street Coffee & Books. Currently, she works as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Infomedia, a web development company in Birmingham, Alabama. Find the Localist at @thinklocalist on Instagram and follow Carrie at @crollwagen.

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