Little Professor Goes Off-Script with “A Little Bookish” Podcast

In this episode of The Localist, host Carrie Rollwagen chats with Meredith Robinson and McCall Hardison, who also host a podcast called A Little Bookish and work together at Little Professor Bookshop in Pepper Place. The episode opens with a discussion on podcasting — their reasons for podcasting, what it’s like to host a podcast while working in a role that allows them to connect personally with their audience and how business podcasts are different from entertainment podcasts. McCall and Meredith talk details about Little Professor’s membership program, their unique book club experience and ways they make book signings a better experience for everyone involved. Full show notes at

Mentioned in this episode:

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First episode of A Little Bookish with a business owner perspective

Little Professor Membership


M. Judson

The Bookshelf Thomasville

Little Professor App

New York Times Book Review podcast

Infomedia’s One Quick Coffee Event

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Bronze Horseman book

Wild Robot

Hope for the Flowers

The Women

Gladys Improv

Harrison Scott Key book

Olivetti book

Designing Your New Work Life book

Independent Bookstore Weekend Events at Little Professor

Power of Moments

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