Lobbying Lawmakers and Drinking in the Streets with Golden Age Wine

This week on The Localist, Brandon Loper and Trent Stewart, co-owners of Golden Age Wine in Mountain Brook, AL, join Carrie to discuss adapting to the pandemic. Golden Age is a wine shop and bar that has done its fair share of pivoting both during the pandemic and before it began. Brandon and Trent tell us how they jumped on an opportunity before they opened their doors, and how they continually reinvented their business model when the pandemic hit. The pair also had to navigate website upgrades, antiquated state liquor laws, and lobbying City Council to make changes in the community. Brandon and Trent definitely miss the community aspect that drew them to the wine business in the first place, and tell us how they’re coping with that while restrictions are still in place. They wrap up the conversation with how to support Golden Age, fun services they offer, and a few key takeaways. 

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