Navigating Unplanned Homeschooling with Susan Rollwagen

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Susan Rollwagen, Carrie’s mom and owner and founder of performance consultant company Pepperbox Solutions, is back on the podcast this week for a deep dive into homeschooling. Susan and her husband, Mike, homeschooled Carrie and her sister for a year to navigate a time with a lot of changes for their family, and while that’s not exactly the same situation many are facing today, there are a lot of parallels between the two. Susan tells us what led to them deciding to homeschool, how they balanced a full curriculum and busy schedules, and how they provided structure while still giving some flexibility. Susan was working part time from home at the time (sound familiar?) and tells us how she negotiated a more flexible work schedule with her supervisor. Susan and Carrie touch on learning styles and how their homeschooling routine had to evolve after a cross country move. Susan tells us if she had any concerns about the long term effects of homeschooling, and Carrie reflects on her experience. Susan and Carrie wrap up the conversation by encouraging parents to do the best they can with what they have and to not be so hard on themselves. 


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About Carrie

Carrie Rollwagen is host of the Localist podcast and cofounder of Church Street Coffee & Books. Currently, she works as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Infomedia, a web development company in Birmingham, Alabama. Find the Localist at @thinklocalist on Instagram and follow Carrie at @crollwagen.

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