Online Sales Save the Day for Piper & Leaf Tea Co.

Connor Knapp Returns to the Localist

This week on The Localist, Connor Knapp, co-founder and co-owner of Piper & Leaf Tea Co., joins Carrie once again to fill us in on how they are faring during the pandemic. Connor was on the podcast just over a year ago and describes the rollercoaster of a year, including how online sales saved the business, and how this weird transition period we’re in now is just as tough in some ways as the beginning of the pandemic. Connor and Carrie discuss how restrictions have hit the food and beverage industry particularly hard, and how their values are helping them weather the storm. They follow up on Piper & Leaf’s contingency plan and how it panned out, how they operate with an open book management style, and how Connor got a better handle on business finances. They wrap up the conversation with other covid pivots Piper & Leaf made, and how to get out of your own way to open up opportunities. 

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