The Magic behind Ladybird Taco

In this episode of The Localist, host Carrie Rollwagen is joined by guests Brooks Veazey and Gabe Scott from Ladybird Taco. They discuss the significance of setting a positive tone and fostering a welcoming culture in their business. Gabe shares insights on genuine communication in the restaurant setting, highlighting Ladybird’s attentiveness to customers’ personal lives. 

The episode expands on Ladybird’s plans, including launching seasonal menu items supporting charities, opening new locations and engaging with customers in person and on Instagram. Brooks discusses their experiences in various Birmingham locations. They highlight the importance of community support, creating a life-giving culture and providing exceptional service through quality ingredients and handmade tortillas. 

The episode showcases Ladybird’s journey from its inception in Austin to its evolution to Birmingham and the challenges faced during expansion. It reveals the company’s dedication to creating meaningful experiences for customers while maintaining work-life balance for its team. Ultimately, the focus remains on building connections and curiosity and fostering a culture of kindness and genuine hospitality.

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