Vision for the Future: Dr. Lori Jasper of NowVision Eye Care Shares How Customer Connection Is Good for Your Health (and Her Bottom Line)

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Dr. Lori Jasper, optometrist and owner of NowVision Eye Care, joins Carrie on this week’s episode of The Localist. Dr. Lori starts us off by telling us what it takes to be an eye doctor and gives us the rundown on the difference between an optometrist, ophthalmologist, and optician (say that three times fast!). Dr. Lori and Carrie touch on the woes of healthcare coverage and Dr. Lori tells us how she handles tough conversations with patients. 

Lori and Carrie then move into business operations: choosing a location and making it feel welcoming, hiring and training employees, and how Lori handles owning and operating a business while being an introvert (we’re big fans of her suggestions: self care and naps!). Dr. Lori also tells us how she handles social media, especially after she went viral (don’t worry, we have links!). They wind up the conversation with how Dr. Lori competes with the Warby Parkers and other big-box retailers of frames. 

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