Wedding Planning in the Time of COVID-19: Neillie Butler of Wedding Planning Company Mariée Ami on Helping Brides through the Ultimate Raincheck

Neillie Butler, founder and owner of wedding planning company Mariée Ami, joins Carrie on this week’s episode of The Localist. The wedding industry is one of the hardest hit during this pandemic, and Neillie tells us how she and her team jumped in to handle this crisis for their clients. Neillie and Carrie chat about the pricing structure at Mariée Ami and how they are having to adapt and shift during this time. COVID isn’t the only thing that can derail weddings, and Neillie tells us some of the wild circumstances they’ve had to deal with pre-pandemic. Neillie gives us a glimpse into her past and the experiences that have shaped her drive, her leadership style with her team, and her perspective in both her personal and professional life. Neillie and Carrie then chat about Ami à Vie, the new lifestyle brand recently launched under Mariée Ami that celebrates all of life’s memorable moments. Neillie and Carrie wrap up with what they’re learning during this crisis and what they hope to continue post-pandemic. 

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