When COVID-19 Shuts Your Doors, Explore Your Options: Jody Beasely of HMG Fitness on Online Workouts, Kettlebell Libraries and Working Out in a Mask

Jody Beasley, owner and head trainer at HMG Fitness, joins Carrie this week to talk about how the fitness industry is adjusting to pandemic related shut downs and stringent new regulations for reopening. Jody tells us what got him into fitness in the first place, and how the service industry is amazing for networking. Jody describes his humble beginnings training clients out of his one-car garage while working two bartending jobs, and how he eventually doubled his space and tackled three buildouts over the past 8 years. Jody and Carrie then switch gears to talk about the quarantine. Jody tells us when he realized this was going to be a big deal, the “gym library” system to keep members fit at home (complete with classes and training on Zoom!), and how he’s updated the space and practices after reopening last week. Jody and Carrie wrap up with how important social media is for connecting with your audience, the practices Jody believes will stick around post-pandemic, and what HMG actually stands for. 

Mentioned in this episode: 

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