Why does a logo cost so much?

Your logo is an important piece of your branding — it builds the colors and tone of your website. Logos can be expensive, but they have a lot of value because they’re such a huge part of your brand. They build trust with clients — you’re letting clients know what you’re all about with the colors and typeface in your logo.

Your logo is a foundation for building brand trust with people, and as you gain trust with your clients, your logo will come to represent what your business is all about. When we create logos for clients, we ask how they want their clients to feel when they see it. There’s a lot of research that goes into creating a logo to make sure it’s backing up all the characteristics you want to represent.

Another reason that logos are so valuable is because you’ll make a lot of decisions with colors, typography and more, and your logo can save you a lot of time by acting as a guide for lots of those decisions. Designers are trained to listen to you and speak back to you in visuals — so when you talk about how you want your logo to make people feel, a designer is able to translate that.

If you’re interested in learning more about how companies have changed their brands and logos as their businesses grow, Caleb recommends an incredible podcast called A Change of Brand.

Today’s episode is part of our collaboration with the Localist podcast, so tune into this week’s episode of the Localist, featuring Art Director Sam Humphries, to learn more about logos, branding and visuals.

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