Want to Podcast? Podcasting 101 Can Help

carrie rollwagen holds podcast mic

Technology can be empowering. Not so long ago, getting your voice into the world was pretty difficult: Writers, musicians and filmmakers had to work the system, play the game — and whatever other trite expression means “compromising” — in order to get noticed. Because of advances in technology, now anyone can produce their own art and share it with the world through social media or YouTube or a personal website. Anyone can be a publisher, whether it’s through Facebook or a blog or a self-published book. It’s a brave new world, and everyone has a voice.

But even though technology makes publishing more accessible than it used to be, doing something out of your wheelhouse — like, say, podcasting when you really just want to be a writer — is still tough, and there are a lot of questions to work out.

When I started my new podcast, Everybody Hates Self-Publishing, I felt really overwhelmed by questions: How do you promote a podcast? What are the rules for getting iTunes reviews? Do you need a launch party, or is that silly? Should you edit with Garage Band, Audacity, or something else? How much should you spend on a microphone? How in the world do you stop saying “um” every five seconds? Some people (I guess) get really into researching these logistics, but I find all the details really draining.

If you’re considering a podcast but are overwhelmed the logistics or the mystery of the whole process, I have good news. I’ve been asked to speak on See Jane Write’s live webinar Podcasting 101 on Tuesday, August 29 at 6:30 Central along with Carla Jean Whitley of the Triple Take podcast. Podcasting 101 is put on by See Jane Write, a fantastic writing group headed up by Javacia Harris Bowser, herself an incredible writer and content producer.

Podcasting 101 is totally free, but you do have to sign up, so click here to do it.

I’m hoping this event will be the comprehensive resource I was looking for when I started my podcast, and that we can help some people who have great things to say get past the hurdles a little more quickly. And if you want to get caught up on my podcast, search “Everybody Hates Self Publishing” on iTunes or Stitcher, or head to my podcast page to listen.

Carrie Rollwagen is a book reviewer for Southern Living and BookPage. She hopes you’ll read as many books as you can, and that you’ll get them all from your local bookshop or library. You can find Carrie on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter @crollwagen.

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