Can Company Culture Survive Remote Working? Strategies for Zoom Parties, Staff Recognition, Employee Onboarding and More

This week on The Localist, Carrie dives into maintaining company culture while much of the workforce is still working remotely, and who better to join her for that conversation than two of her coworkers! Josh Brown, Customer Support Lead and introvert, and Bo Billingsley, Sales Specialist and extrovert, share their reactions to virtual team building ideas. Some of the suggestions include coworker chat-roulette (possibly an introvert’s worst nightmare) and Zoom yoga classes. Carrie, Bo and Josh also discuss how to celebrate birthdays remotely, their feelings about new hire intro videos, and ways to recover the small talk that some of us (ahem, the extroverts) miss. They wrap up the conversation contemplating how quarantine might affect future business ideas, and how a hybrid workforce might function. 

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