Entrepreneur, Artist, Activist: Amanda Blake and the BHM Artist Collective

This week on The Localist, Amanda Blake, artist, art teacher, freelancer, and co-founder of the BHM Artist Collective, joins Carrie to talk about life after owning a small business. Amanda was the owner of the popular juicery and cafe Sprout & Pour. She describes how she got that business off the ground thanks to community support and partnerships, and what she learned over the course of owning a business that stuck with her after selling the business. Amanda then shares about the BHM Artist Collective: She dives into what inspired the collective, the projects they’ve worked on, and the logistics of pulling off large murals with dozens of contributing artists. Amanda and Carrie touch on the BLM movement and its expressions through art and community. They wrap up the conversation with what’s next for the BHM Artist Collective, and how you can get involved. 

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