Go Your Own Way: How Questioning Norms, Cultivating Curiosity and Pushing Boundaries Helped Seth Newell Build Ala Grip Co.

Seth Newell, founder and owner of Ala Grip Co., joins Carrie on this week’s episode of The Localist. Ala Grip Co. is a Birmingham-based rental company specializing in lighting, grip, and production equipment. Seth and Carrie start off with the services that Ala Grip Co provides, how Seth got started in the business, and what “bad lighting” really is. Seth tells us about the logistics of storing all of his equipment, the value in having a supportive community in Birmingham, and the importance of knowing your limits (don’t ask Seth to shoot your wedding video!). Seth and Carrie get into networking, the barter system, and how Seth’s early entrepreneurial spirit showed itself with dumpster diving. Seth tells us about some of the more bizarre shoots he’s been on (fun fact: chimpanzees can’t float), and how you have to be willing to tweak the system and find the wiggle room in business to be successful. Seth and Carrie wrap up with some great travel tips and a shoutout to some local companies. 

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