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A Podcast with Expert Website Advice for Regular People

If you’ve ever worked on your own website, you know getting answers isn’t simple. Web experts talk over your head, and the answers you get when you turn to Google are often contradictory. One Quick Question’s short, 15-minute episodes answer tech topics relatably, understandably and with absolutely no condescension.

One Quick Question

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What is a theme?

Sam Humphries

Sam Humphries, Senior Designer at Infomedia, discusses the differences between pre-made themes and custom web…

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What is SEO?

Bo Billingsley

Bo Billingsley, Support Team Sales Specialist, answers the question “What is SEO?” Bo defines SEO,…

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About One Quick Question


Answers you can trust from a team that’s seen it all.

One Quick Question is hosted by former small business owner Carrie Rollwagen, and the guests are the web professionals from Infomedia, a website service company that’s been in the business of creating websites for small businesses for over 25 years. Infomedians have worked with WordPress, Shopify, Craft and more, and they’re known for being relatable and friendly as well as knowing their stuff. One Quick Question is sponsored by and brought to you by Infomedia.

The One Quick Question Team

Carrie Rollwagen

Carrie is Vice President of Strategic Planning at Infomedia where she was formerly Communications Director and, before that, copywriter.

Janna Stevens

Janna Stevens is Head of Project Strategy at Infomedia. She loves skating and teaching yoga, and she helps concept the podcast.

brad davis
Brad Davis
Sound Engineer

Brad is Head of Development at Infomedia. He’s also a musician and web developer, and he makes sure the podcast sounds great.

alana harmond
Alana Harmond
Production Assistant

Alana is Content Strategist at Infomedia. She’s in charge of show notes, episode research and social media for One Quick Question.

One Quick Question Reviews

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Would recommend!! Whether you’re looking to get into digital marketing and working with websites for the first time or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your skills, this podcast is a great place to get quick bites of information all about digital.

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Perfect little simple podcast that breaks down potentially complicated topics into easy to understand conversations. Bravo!

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This podcast is a really good resource for anyone who wants to learn more about websites and technology! Episodes are short and easy to understand.

Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon

I love this podcast. They are answering common tech questions but in a way that anyone can understand them. Can’t wait for more episodes.

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Love this content about websites and digital marketing. It’s very helpful especially for small businesses looking to expand in the digital space.

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