Through a Glass, Darkly: David O’Gwynn on Remote Lectures, Zoom Meetings and Our Attempt at Virtual Connection During Quarantine

David O’Gwynn, chair of the computer science department at a university and freelance security professional, joins Carrie this week on The Localist. David and Carrie dive in with how much harder it is to teach remotely, and how none of the video conferencing apps are really cutting it at this point. We’re all on the verge of an existential crisis and missing human contact, and David points out that now is the time for tech companies to build something better for humanity than what’s currently out there. David tells us what classes look like now and discusses the long term impacts this pandemic could have on both students and universities. David tells us what it’s like being a parent during quarantine, and how it’s incredibly difficult to constantly context switch during the day. David and Carrie wrap up discussing webinars and educational videos, and how now is the best time to take risks with your creative content. 

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