Putting the “Hunger” in Hunger Games

Josh from Kitchen Mischief put up an amazing, Hunger Games-based spread. He’s like Cinna with a tablescape.


One of our favorite blogs, Kitchen Mischief, is taking on Hunger Games over at their site, where they’ve adapted a Cooking Light recipe to create Capitol Lamb Stew with Dried Plums, a recipe based on a dish Katniss eats in the books.


While we love the idea of cooking a story-based feast for your friends, our favorite part of their blog is the free, downloadable game they’ve created over on their site: The Hunger Games Deathmatch Trivia.


Head on over to Kitchen Mischief for your Hunger Games menu, and try your hand at their game, perfect for midnight movie premiere pre-gaming … just pray you don’t pull “getting ripped apart by muttations” in the trivia drawing. We hear that can be painful.

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