Shop Small: The Pope Hates Black Friday, Too! (I Assume)

photo(1067)I didn’t want to write about Black Friday this year … but the pope made me do it. Every year, I talk about how hurtful Black Friday specifically, and our big box corporate retail culture in general, is for our families and our economy. This year, with most big stores opening Thanksgiving Day instead of at midnight on Black Friday, the problem is even worse. These stores are asking us to give up time with our families — some of the only time we have all year to just be together and reflect — in order to race around to retail stores in a quest to buy as many Christmas gifts as possible for the least amount of money. Basically, they’re telling us to leave our families in order to buy a lot of stuff that we will turn around and gift to our families in an attempt to prove how much we love them. The irony is profound and absurd. Read the full post on the Shop Small blog.

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