Shop Small: This Introvert Gets Social

I’m throwing a party tomorrow night, and it’s making me crazy. There’s no drama, no venue problems, nobody backing out at the last minute — none of the usual party problems. No, the only issue with this party is that I’m an introvert, and I’d honestly rather be hiding in my apartment with a book than doing … well, pretty much anything else. So why am I hosting a party? Because I want to do more than just shop small. I want to enjoy shopping small. When we think about shopping independently, I think we feel like it’s a responsibility and a burden — we feel guilty about it. But guilt doesn’t feel very good, and I don’t think it’s very motivating, either. The truth is, shopping small can be really rewarding and fun. In my year of small shopping, I met wonderful people, enjoyed my shopping, and found lots of fantastic new products and gifts. I want to share that experience. I want to share the fun part. Read the full post on the Shop Small Tumblr.

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