Snails, Stories, and All the Books You Need for Social Media

Last week, I brought a big bag of books (a seriously big bag — check it out over on my Instagram page) over to the Harbert Center for Y’all Connect, a Birmingham social media conference headed up by Wade Kwon. I had a lot of fun, since my idea of fun is attending a conference and talking about books (seriously, it is). I met some fantastic people, got some great new ideas, and discovered new blogs (like Stump the Librarian). Today, I was honored to see that our book ideas made it onto The Snail on the Wall, a book blog that we’re really loving.


photo(1156)I got a little snarky on our table signage about books and social media.


Check out Snail on the Wall’s breakdown of our social media books over on her blog, and click the links below to purchase the ebooks through Church Street (we can’t get Manage Your Day-to-Day as an ebook, since it’s published through Amazon, and Amazon’s not good at sharing, so we substituted another favorite, Daily Rituals. And we always keep paper copies of Manage Your Day-to-Day available at our shop on Church Street).


Thanks to Lady Vowell Smith for sharing about us on her blog, and thanks to all the great new book buyers we met at Y’all Connect!

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