The Localist

When we buy local, we build something beautiful.

When you think like a localist, you spend with intention. You have confidence in how your resources are spent, and you’re able to create the change you want to see.

The Localist isn’t one person — anyone who cares about local business can be a localist. Whether you’re running a local business or supporting one with your dollars (or both!), by being involved with independent shops, you’re helping to build a better community and a better world.

The Localist

Big Ideas for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, have a side hustle, are a local maker or are interested in entrepreneurship, the Localist podcast is for you — each week holds a new interview with a business owner, or an in-depth exploration of a topic that’s relevant to your business.

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When We Buy Local, Our Choices Make an Impact

The Localist book is part philosophy, part how-to manual and part biography. Carrie Rollwagen shares her buy-local journey — from her Shop Small blog project, where she bought only from local shops for one year, to opening her own business, Church Street Coffee & Books. If you’re interested in why buying local even matters, you’ll find lots of reasons in the book!

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Shop Local in Birmingham

The Local List currently serves Birmingham, Alabama — use it to search for local businesses by what types of products they offer, what parking is like near their shop, which neighborhood they’re in and whether or not they offer curbside service, gift cards, delivery and more.

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