This November, Let’s Write!

Carrie and one of our favorite Church Street customers, Sara-Margaret Hall, check out the Nanowrimo book, No Plot? No Problem. 

There’s one sure-fire way to appreciate books more, and that’s to try to write one. Lots of us feel like we have The Great American Novel inside us, just waiting to be written — but that’ll never happen until we put pen to paper (or metaphorical pen to paper, in the case of the laptop- or smartphone-written novel) and at least try to find our stories.

This month, there are a couple of great ways to stay focused on writing. Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month is free and really fun — they have great resources to help beginning writers get started and to get those of us who write regularly inspired again.

What if you don’t want to write fiction? Javacia Harris Bowser over at The Writeous Babe Project has challenged all of us to Blog Like Crazy and post a strong blog post each day in November. She’s doing it, and she’ll also be posting encouragement and new ideas along the way.

We love the idea of spending this fall creating new works of fiction and non-fiction. Click the links above to learn how to take part, and be sure to hashtag #nanowrimo and #bloglikecrazy if you choose to take part.


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