This Week at Church Street …


Carrie tries to balance everything going on with the book industry.


There are a few things you may not know about our co-owner and book buyer, Carrie: She’s read everything L.M. Montgomery ever published. She once had purple hair. She used to have a job naming things like vases, candlesticks and door buckets.* And she currently publishes a blog called Shop Small, where she writes about her pledge to shop only from locally owned stores for an entire year (she started January 1, 2011, so she has three months left).


This past week, Carrie wrote all about the book industry — where it’s going, how it works, and why (she thinks) it matters. We think our Church Street readers might like it too, so here are links to her articles on …


– The downfall of Borders and what it means for books
– Amazon’s new Kindle and why it might be a problem for book lovers
– Vampires (Okay, it’s really a post about the publishing industry. But there’s also a seriously creepy pic of Carrie wearing some homemade fangs.)


Hope you enjoy the posts, and keep on shopping small … especially when it comes to Church Street!


* What’s a door bucket, anyway?

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