Movie Trailer Monday: Under the Skin


Under the Skin with Scarlett Johansson doesn’t have a U.S. release date yet, but we’re sufficiently creeped out by the preview to want to include it as a Halloween scary movie trailer. The plot? Johansson is an alien who lures men to their deaths … so maybe not that far from the truth, eh? We’ve heard great things about the book, so here’s hoping the film is just as gripping, weird and terrifying as its literary predecessor. Want to take the journey for yourself? Check out the trailer below, read the book (we’ve linked to a great Kobo eBook that supports our blog), and find the movie when it hits theaters!






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  • Rodrigo says:

    SPOILING a little maybe? I’ve read a third of the novel and haven’t got to know that much about her origin, there are hints, but nothing that specific.

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