On the Air with the Localist

Update: I had a great time with the guys at Rely Local this morning — if you’d like to listen in, here’s an MP3 download of the whole program. (If you’re not into country music, you can fast forward to my parts: they’re at the very beginning, at 13:40 and again at 24:25.


I’m hugging my coffee a little tighter than usual this morning because I’m up at 5 a.m. after last night’s fantastic Wish List Launch Party. Why am I torturing myself like this? Because the Localist book and I are on the radio today!

If you’re in the Prattville/Montgomery area, tune in to Vocal Local on Dixie Country 100.1 — I’m joining the team this morning at 9 a.m. to talk about buying local in Alabama. If you’re not in the area but want to listen anyway, try to listen in at this link.

Thanks so much to the team at Vocal Local to inviting me — here’s hoping my coffee starts kicking in soon so I’m not yawning on the air!

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