What’s a “Blonde” Roast, and Do We Have One?

We may not be blonde … but we still serve great coffee!


Starbucks’ recent release of blonde roast coffee has lots of our customers asking about it. So, what’s a blonde roast? It’s just a coffee that’s roasted mild or medium instead of bold. Lighter roasts tend to allow more character of the individual regions to come through in the beans — that’s why most of our coffees are light or medium roasts already. So, do we have a blonde roast? Sure, if that’s what you want to call it. But we just call it good coffee, roasted to whatever level brings out the peak of flavor.


One thing about mild roasts, though — they generally let more of the character of the region come through in the bean, which is wonderful … if you’re using high-quality beans. That’s why we trust Primavera, the source of our coffee at Church Street, because they choose the best beans, meaning you still get a cup that’s full of flavor, without over-roasting the beans.


People all over are starting to learn that tasting coffee can be a lot like tasting wine. Regional differences can really change the character of the drink, and discovering those flavor profiles can be a lot of fun, making your love affair with coffee even more enjoyable.


In order to help you enjoy your coffee even more, and to help you taste the unique flavors in our coffees, we’ve introduced a new way (well, new to us, anyway) of brewing coffee this week — the pour-over method. We’ll be brewing this way especially in the late afternoon and evening, but you can request a pour-over any time of day. What makes a pour-over special? The coffee is ground immediately, and filtered water at the exact temperature specifications is poured very, very slowly over the grounds, bringing out an incredible flavor.


So, do blondes really have more fun? When it comes to coffee, we think they might — “blonde” coffees show off their flavors really well, and that’s why we’ve always stocked them. We’d love to have you compare Starbucks’ new roast to any of our mild coffees. Put the blonde up against our Guatemala, Columbia, El Salvador or Brazil coffees in a taste test of your own!

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