What’s in Patrick’s Pocket?

Meet Patrick. He’s a book-loving, sailboat-building, black-coffee-ordering Church Street customer with a serious fashion sense. More often than not, Patrick shows up in a suit and tie (a bow tie, naturally), ready for a business meeting. Those days, he’s completely polished and put together — let’s just say, the man can rock a pocket square.


But, on the weekends, the Brooks Brothers stays at home, and The Overalls (they’ve earned the capitalization) come out, accessorized by either a blue hoodie or a buffalo plaid flannel … and a rotating collection of pocket ephemera to spark conversation and debate.


So, what’s in Patrick’s pocket this week? Check out that PostScript sticker! Maybe he grabbed it to remind him to check the blog, or maybe he just felt The Overalls needed a pop of color. Either way, we consider it a place of honor.


Send pictures of your PostScript stickers (in your pocket, on your car, in your neighborhood … wherever) to postscriptbooks@gmail.com, and we might just post them on this blog or on our Facebook wall.

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