Win Piper & Leaf Tea by Finding My Mistakes

carrie with piper and leaf

I want to thank you in advance for finding my mistakes. This website is brand new (if you’re a podcast listener or an Instagram friend, you’re already aware). I’m really excited to finally share it with you — but I know I’ve missed things, and I want to fix them.

When Connor Knapp from Piper & Leaf came on the podcast to talk about their website relaunch, he said they held a raffle to help them user test the site; they offered prizes to people who found mistakes. As someone who works on websites for a living, I thought this was a brilliant idea — so I’m copying it.

I’d love it if you’d wander around my website for a couple of minutes and let me know if you find a mistake. Tell me what’s wrong using this Google form, and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to Piper & Leaf. (A gift card to P&L is a no brainer since I’m using their idea, but I genuinely love this tea. They have incredible seasonal favorites — my favorites are Caramel Apple Pie and Cherry Christmas — and make excellent gifts.)

What counts as a mistake? Anything that you find confusing, wrong or annoying. Don’t know where to start? Here are the things I want people to be able to do when they go to my website — try to do one of these things, and let me know how it turns out!

  • Podcast: listen to an episode or check out show notes
  • Buy my book
  • Read my blog
  • Find my Instagram
  • Get in contact with me

Anyone who’s ever launched a website wants it to be perfect on the day of launch, but no website ever launched is perfect at launch. A website is a living document. It’s designed to be changed, updated and revised. It works differently based on whether you’re on a laptop or tablet or phone, on whether you view it through Chrome or Firefox or another browser, on the settings you have on your personal devices, on the speed of your internet connection. Getting it perfect is impossible, so launching a site is a good exercise in taking the concept of “done is better than perfect” to heart.

The raffle closes Friday, November 19. I’ll notify the winner via email and my Instagram, @crollwagen. Enter as many times as you want! (And if you can’t bring yourself to point out my flaws, that’s okay — the only required fields are a name and email, that’s all you really need to fill out to enter the raffle.)

Happy hunting!

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