Branding and Logo Standards

Branding and Logo Standards

Having a consistent, identifiable look and feel to assets is an important part of the Carrie Rollwagen brand.
A cohesive brand enhances your ability to:

  • Prevent brand confusion with co-brands
  • Increase the effectiveness of our communications
  • Build authority within the community


Logos Color Guide Brand Presentation


The logo and logomark files should contain nearly everything you need to produce any branding/marketing materials.

All logo files are available to download here.



Color is an important part of your visual identity and specific color palettes are crafted to create a brand tone. To maintain visual consistency, it’s important to reproduce your colors consistently.

Download the brand color guide here.


Brand Tools

Additionally, we have provided a Final Logo presentation that includes logo usage as well as real world examples to be used as inspiration.

Download the presentation here.



Everything that is produced by Carrie Rollwagen must include the logo. The horizontal, full-color version is the preferred format; other versions can be used when there are space or color constraints.

The logomark can be used when the brand is well established or the logo is used elsewhere, such as a favicon or a watermark.

Download Logos

Horizontal, full color logo

Vertical, one color logo



The main colors of the Carrie Rollwagen brand are shades and hues of teal. These are the primary colors that comprise the logo, but the brand also consists of a secondary palette that introduces more color.

The codes you see refer to the different color matching codes you may run into.

  • PMS: Pantone Matching System is a print industry standard color matching system.
  • CMYK: A print industry standard used in offset printing where colors are created by mixing cyan, magenta, yellow and black to recreate an approximation of your color.
  • RGB: Red, Green, Blue. References color for on-screen applications
  • HEX: Hexadecimal Code. A standard code of color for web development
Download Color Guide

Hex: #273B41
CMYK: 82/62/57/49
RGB: 39/59/65

Hex: #718e8e
CMYK: 59/33/41/4
RGB: 113/142/142

Hex: #82BEAB
CMYK: 50/8/38/0
RGB: 130/190/171

Red Orange
Hex: #DB5D3B
CMYK: 9/78/85/1
RGB: 220/93/58

Hex: #E2AE62
CMYK: 11/32/71/0
RGB: 226/174/98

Hex: #CA987D
CMYK: 21/42/51/1
RGB: 201/151/124

Hex: #E6D5C3
CMYK: 9/14/22/0
RGB: 230/213/195

Brand Tools

We have provided a Final Logo presentation that includes logo usage as well as real world examples to be used as inspiration.

Download Brand Presentation
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