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    Overwhelmed by all the blogs out there about Kickstarter? Not sure where to begin? I’m here to help. I raised over $8,000 through Kickstarter to publish The Localist book. I raised even more money than I’d asked for, and it allowed me to take a book tour all the way up the East Coast.

    I had such a fantastic Kickstarter experience, and I want to share the secrets of my success with you. So I’ve created an online course to teach you exactly how I raised money with Kickstarter. Ready to buy? Click here to purchase the course. Want to know more? Read on …

    What Will I Learn in the Course?
    I’ll teach you everything I know about Kickstarter! Specifically, I’ll go over: How to create your budget and stick to it; how to create your product page and video; how to market your Kickstarter all the way through your project; and how to turn your Kickstarter success into a marketing platform for the future of whatever you’re creating.

    How Much Does This Cost?
    I’ve priced this course at just $25 because I know you’ll need to keep your costs low, but I guarantee that it will pay off for you and your project.

    How Long Is This Course?
    This course is a two-and-a-half hour webinar — that’s a long time, I think it makes the most sense to break the course up into a few different segments. During the course, I recommend a few places when you might want to take breaks.

    Is This a Live Webinar?
    No, this webinar is pre-recorded, so you can watch it whenever you’d like!

    Once I Purchase the Webinar, How Will I Get It?
    Once you buy the course, you’ll receive email within one business day of purchase (often sooner) that includes a link allowing you to view the course. Please don’t share the course with others; I’ve kept the price low so that hopefully anyone considering a Kickstarter campaign can buy it on their own.

    Do I Have to Watch the Course Immediately?
    Nope — your link will expire after one month, but you can watch the course any time (or as many times as you like) before then.

    Will I Get Handouts?
    No; I wanted to get this course up-and-running, and I wanted to keep the price low, so in this introductory version of the course, I’m not offering handouts. I might do handouts in the future, but if I do that, the price will most likely go up.

    Can I Have a Refund If I Don’t Like It?
    Sorry, no refunds — but I feel very confident that you’ll get enough out of the course to make it well worth the $25. If you’re looking for a sample of my webinar style before you commit to paying, scroll down to check out my past courses through Infomedia — they’re free and will give you an idea of my web-training style. The paid webinar has a very similar style, although it’s longer and has a lot more content.

    Can I Check out Your Kickstarter Project?
    Sure! Find The Localist book on Kickstarter and check out my video, rewards and successful campaign.

    Will This Advice Apply to Other Crowdfunding Platforms?
    Basically, yes — lots of the ideas I share to all crowdfunding platforms. But I also share many Kickstarter-specific tips as well. The tips I share are based on my person experience with Kickstarter — I did a lot of research, but realize that Kickstarter may change details about how their program runs at any time, so it’s always best to do your own research as well.

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