COVID-19 and Employment Law: Protecting Yourself, Your Staff and Your Business with Attorney and Influencer Kameron Monet


Kameron Monet Buckner, influencer and Associate Attorney practicing employment litigation in Birmingham, AL, joins Carrie on The Localist this week to discuss laws related to remote working. Kameron and Carrie start off with the pros and cons of using Zoom in a legal setting, the differences between FMLA and the CARES Act, and what is and isn’t legal when you’ve been furloughed. Kameron discusses being laid off without cause and gives tips for how to protect yourself in the workplace and how to set yourself up for success in the future. Kameron knows this can be overwhelming, and gives great advice for seeking and finding legit legal counsel. Kameron and Carrie switch gears to influencing: how Kameron grew her social media presence to influencer level, how she integrated her love of beauty and fashion with law, and how her account is inspiring for any young professional. Kameron and Carrie wrap up with some phenomenal courses Kameron is creating, and she gives us a preview of what she’s offering next! 

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