New Year, New Taxes: Small Business Accounting Tips with CPA Michael Dollins

This week on The Localist, Carrie is back to regularly scheduled programming with guest Michael Dollins! Michael is a CPA and Carrie’s personal accountant, and he’s here to help demystify (and help everyone be less afraid of!) taxes. January is the best time to prep your finances for the year ahead, and Michael gives us his best tips for making your taxes easier. Michael and Carrie discuss if  you really need to hang on to your receipts, what you can actually write off, and how to handle income from apps like Venmo. Michael and Carrie wrap up with how to avoid audits, quarterly taxes versus annual taxes, and how to handle your stimulus check. If you’re interested in hiring Michael to work with you, he is taking new clients — you can contact him at or (205) 822-1332.

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