When Your Live Event Goes Virtual: Brooke Fleming of Digital Motion on Pivoting Conferences, Hybrid Events, Meetings and More

Brooke Fleming, Chief Revenue Officer of the tech focused event services and AV company Digital Motion, joins Carrie this week on The Localist. As an event focused company, Digital Motion had to pivot early — and fast — at the beginning of the pandemic, while also helping their clients do the same. Brooke tells us about a new tool, The Presenter, that helped them accomplish that, and how they work to deliver a tailored solution to each of their clients. Brooke and Carrie discuss how Digital Motion actually pulls off virtual and hybrid events, including partnerships, sponsorships, breakout sessions, and even marketing. At this point, we’re all tired of poorly run Zoom meetings and bad webinars, and Brooke convinces us that now is the time to step up our game. They wrap up the conversation with a few takeaways, and Carrie gives an update on The Localist newsletter. 

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