Working with Family Members: When It Works, Why It’s Tricky, and How to Protect Your Business and Your Relationship (Featuring Susan Rollwagen of Pepperbox Solutions)

susan rollwagen holds her reading glassesSusan Rollwagen of Pepperbox Solutions joins Carrie on this week’s episode of The Localist. Susan is a performance management consultant who works with small businesses to help get their teams aligned in order to produce optimum business results. Susan also happens to be Carrie’s mom! So there’s no better topic for them to discuss than the pitfalls and benefits of working with family members (and friends). Both Carrie and Susan share their personal experiences working with family members, and Susan discusses how to go about entering into a professional relationship with someone you’re close to personally — she outlines how to tell if you’re making the right hire, how to have difficult conversations, and the importance of deciding on an exit strategy before you begin. Susan ends by sharing a special deal for Localist listeners who need advice or help building a strong staff (whether or that staff is made up of family members).

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