Finding Additional Revenue for Your Small Business

This episode focuses on finding additional revenue streams for small businesses, a topic that’s relevant whether a business is thriving or facing financial challenges. Carrie shares personal experiences from her time managing and co-owning bookstores, offering insights into how creative ideas, like hosting events and selling tickets for book recommendation nights, helped generate revenue. She also recommends asking staff and peers for fresh perspectives on potential revenue streams and exploring one’s own unrelated talents for possible business applications. Carrie discusses the value of borrowing ideas from other businesses and influencers, such as selling digital products, offering subscription services or creating templates for sale. Throughout, she emphasizes starting with a minimum viable product to test new revenue ideas without significant upfront investment.

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About Carrie

Carrie Rollwagen is host of the Localist podcast and cofounder of Church Street Coffee & Books. Currently, she works as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Infomedia, a web development company in Birmingham, Alabama. Find the Localist at @thinklocalist on Instagram and follow Carrie at @crollwagen.

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